Grand Prix 2018: What Comes Next?

If you’re keeping an eye on the event tracker to the right of this post, you know we are now mere days away from the Grand Prix Final in Vancouver. I’ll be previewing the event by discipline, taking a look at the highlights from the 2018 series, and planning a few other treats! 

Most exciting, however, is that I will be at the Grand Prix Final! You can look forward to coverage of both the Junior and Senior skaters, including practice notes! If you’re not already following me on Twitter and Instagram, now would be a prime time to start! 

If you’re going to the Grand Prix Final,  message or @ me on Twitter. I spent a week freezing in the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Arena in January for Canadian Nationals and I’m an ex-Vancouverite, so if you’ve got questions about where to go, what to eat, or how to smuggle your camera into the rink* I’d be happy to help. 

See you at the Grand Prix Final in Vancouver!

*Just stuff it into a giant Pooh Bear. Seriously. Security won’t think twice and they’ll be overwhelmed by the Poohvalanche anyway.

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